It was the summer of 2004 when the project finally found the ingredients necessary to happen. I had wanted to make this documentary since the fall of 1999, when I first came to realize just how profound Chucky's impact was. I was in Oxford, at Vaught-Hemingway stadium, for the Ole Miss-Vanderbilt game; A game that happened to fall on the 10-year anniversary of Chucky's accident. During pregame ceremonies, the PA Announcer read a few words about the life and untimely death of Roy Lee "Chucky" Mullins. He then asked for a moment of silence, and for the first time in my life, I witnessed 40,000 people go silent in reverence. Not a single, solitary noise. I imagined that must have been how quiet it was on October 28th, 1989, when Chucky made his last tackle. At that moment, I felt as if those 40,000 fans were personally introducing me to Chucky, saying, "This is how we feel about our fallen hero; this is how much he means to us."

I returned to Los Angeles soon after that game and continued my "education" as a low-man-on-the-totem-pole, working in the film industry. But the seed that was planted that day in 1999 would continue to grow. I talked frequently about the project with one of my good friends and fellow filmmaker, Matthew Nothelfer. In 2002, as he and I geared up on our first feature-length documentary "The University Greys", the topic of Chucky came up often. He agreed that it should be the next project we take on.

The tricky part of what Matthew and I do as independent filmmakers is finding the money to create with. Ideas come easy, money not so much! Fortunately, it only took a couple of "No's" before we found the "Yes" we needed to begin production. Charles E. Smith, Jr., a native of North Alabama, caught wind of the project and sought us out. This was God smiling on the documentary and us, as Mr. Smith became not only the sole financier on the project, but also a good friend.

It has been an honor, privilege, and a blessing for the three of us to bring this story to the screen through this documentary. Many hours have been logged and many dollars spent in bringing this beautiful account of the human spirit to you. We hope you are as enriched after watching it as we have been in making it.

Take care,

Micah GinnCo-Director/Producer

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